Anil Kumar Karna is a Nepal based Journalist and the Editorial Consultant of Sancharak.Com, Nepal’s upcoming and respected online news and views website that showcases a balanced and broad-based news from all over Nepal in a new born democracy that is strife with dissensions and divisions. Sancharak.Com under Anil’s leadership is the first ever effort to make news and views inclusive to each section of Nepal’s society. A senior journalist with over two decades of experience, Anil has always broken stereo types working for print, broadcast and now online media in platforms that were considered to be the refuge of a selected few. His energies and aggressiveness helped carry forward the voice of Terai and Madhes to the rest of Nepal and he helped reach across the viewpoint of people of the rest of Nepal to Terai / Madhes readership and viewership to break barriers in communication. Anil has carried his brand of adherence to traditional journalism steeped in values, ethics and best practices that help retain and enhance the faith and trust of people in journalists and journalism in a country where truth is turning out to be a casualty.

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